God’s Judgment of the Living - Once upon a time people thought of God and Santa Claus somewhat alike, except for Santa’s “making a list and checking it twice.” God was nice, they claimed; but lists and checks are too judgmental. Today’s news shows how long evil can stay hidden. People are relieved that there are records that help condemn the wicked and free the just after years and decades of oppression, abuse and suffering. It’s no different with God. He, too, has carefully kept records. He, too, has a judgment schedule.

Reminiscent of the time when part of a family physician’s modus operandi was visiting patients in their homes, “House Call”—a regular column in Adventist Review magazine provides evidenced-based and biblically sound health-related counsel to AR readers and now listeners. Drs. Peter N. Landless and Zeno L. Charles-Marcel, both board certified physicians address physical and emotional concerns from a whole-person health-care perspective—as well as offer the added benefits of biblical wisdom. www.positivechoices.com

There is no grudging in God’s grace—no “Alright, this one time” or “Even though you don’t deserve it.”  He never makes forgiveness hang on promises to not sin again. “He knows our frame,” the Scriptures say: “He remembers we are dust.”  And all our promises—like those who made them—are dusty, broken, unreliable.  God forgives as only a Father can—more eager to restore the relationship than recall the rebellion; more focused on what we may become than what we did to wound Him. Grace flows to us because God’s heart is always love—unstoppable, without a limit.  If you could quantify such love, then you, dear friend, would be much greater than He is—and that is rank absurdity. Receive this love.  And stay in grace. -Bill Knott

Global View is a column of biblical and spiritual encouragement urging listeners to stay close to Christ and His Word as they carry out His mission for the world through the Holy Spirit pointing people to Christ’s soon coming. Ted N.C. Wilson is president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. www.adventistworld.org

On our best days, we fall far short of our inspiring goals.  We say the angry words, repeat the wicked gossip, upset the ones we’re pledged to love.  And were it not for grace, our story is an endlessly repeating tale of good intentions and bad performances. But grace upends what keeps us mired in our sins, for grace proclaims release from guilt, redemption from our foolishness.  We get a new and wonderful reset each time we come to Jesus.  The slate is cleaned; the record washed; the sins removed as far as east can ever be from west. This is the genius of the gospel:  We need not stay what we once were.  We need not be what we are now.  Grace pulls us toward the joy for which we were created, and puts the hope back in our story.  So move toward joy.  And stay in grace. -Bill Knott

When grace has lived a while in us, we wake one day to learn how much we’ve changed, how everything is different. We speak new kindness to the ones who mock us, or who irritate our peace. We listen well to those who never seemed worth hearing. We find our hearts have been enlarged, with room for those we feared or scorned. This is the sign of Jesus living in us, and yes, we never saw it coming. Christ changes every heart He owns, replacing stoniness with love. We get the double blessing of eternity and now—of seeing life renewed in us and all with whom we’re planted. His seed that grows in secret still does yield the sweetest fruit. So stay in grace. -Bill Knott

"Journeys with Jesus" is an intimate, personal look at the walk we all have with our Savior. Inspirational, heart-tugging, thought-provoking vignettes of life's journey and life's decisions. Most of all, it points us to our Father, our Friend, as the Source of all wisdom, comfort, and peace.

You’d think sometimes it was an opera about us:

“I was sinking deep in sin . . . ” 
“I’m a pilgrim, and I’m a stranger. . . ” 
“Just as I am, without one plea . . . ”

But grace is always, first and last, an anthem about Jesus—His deep kindness; His strong arm; His refusal to give up on us. The song that saints and angels sing is no dull aria on how heroically we battled sin, what we did to earn our stars, or when we shunned a second slice of pie. It’s the whispered wonder from the angels for the mystery of Jesus loving the unlovely; forgiving those who drove the nails; healing those who gloried in their sickness.

“Worthy, worthy is the Lamb:
Christ is proved the great I AM; 
Through all ages, sing the same—
‘Honor, glory to His name.’”

Join the song that’s always grander than the singer. 
And stay in grace. -Bill Knott

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